Ardex Integrated Data Services Platform
All-round solution to collect, store, process and analyse enterprise data

Ardex IDSP Business Applications

Integrated Data Services Platform (IDSP) is a software solution aimed to organize enterprise data collection, storage, processing & analysis. IDSP enables customers to build own data services based on existing storages & systems, develop deep analytics dashboards and launch multichannel end-user services above existing data.

Ardex IDSP is designed to organize enterprise data management, enable customers to build own data services above existing data storages and facilitate end-user services development and deployment. IDSP enables enterprises to facilitate data management process, make this cost-effective and raise effectiveness of end-user services development & maintenance.

Integrate all data sources into one virtual data scheme
Develop and maintain data processing rules
Manage enterprise data flows
Build logical services to process existing data

Maintain data processing services
Develop end-user services available through a variety of communication channels
Build mobile applications based on developed data services

Ardex IDSP System Architecture

Core Components of Ardex IDSP

Authentication & authorisation subsystem
AA subsystem organizes processes of registration, authorization, authentication and rights management. Subsystem serves as an entry point for end users (i.e. mobile application users) accessing IDSP services and external information systems integrated with the platform.
Data management subsystem
The module provides unified data access interfaces for all types of data enabling to build comprehensive virtual data storage. The subsystem has several types of integration connectors and visual data management instruments, as well as data processing instruments for users to build their own data services and common data access interface for external systems & solutions.
Communication subsystem
Communication subsystem acts as an interaction mechanism between IDSP services and user devices or services. The subsystem realizes unified programming interfaces for IDSP modules, client modules and external system access.
Mobile app subsystem
Serves to create, manage and maintain mobile applications using IDSP data & services for iOS and Android OS systems. Includes a handy Mobile App Builder and Mobile SDK.
Business process management subsystem
The subsystem is designed to add business process descriptions to IDSP, manage and execute them, operating system data.
Messaging management subsystem
Messaging management subsystem is designed to provide general events brokerage mechanism for IDSP components and external systems.
Configuration management subsystem
Serves to store and manage IDSP configurations and other system modules. The subsystem performs configurations import/export procedures, provides unified access interface for system modules & external systems, mechanisms of data safety & integrity.
Service template management subsystem
The subsystem generates messages according to a specific template, engaging data storage subsystem. The subsystem allows to create, delete and change message templates, tracking their correctness. The subsystem interacts with IDSP's communication subsystem via unified interfaces.
Text services management subsystem
Designed to create text services, manage these and organize text service provisioning through relevant communication channels. The subsystem enables to create answer messages routed to SMS, USSD, IM (Telegram), e-mail communication channels and IDSP messaging subsystem.